About Ultra Shield

A leader in floor care product and protection

Ultra Shield® is a leading manufacturer and distributor of floor care products, with a focus on providing unparalleled quality and cost efficiency. As a floor protection and enhancement industry leader, Ultra Shield is committed to providing effective, reliable, and cost cutting products to improve and maintain your floors appearance and durability. Ultra Shield will reduce your need to over spend on many of the products you are buying now. In many cases it will eliminate them completely.

Ultra Shield has a longstanding Vision – to be a leader in the industry and at the forefront of technological advancements in floor care. Ultra Shield has a Research and Development team that is always looking to stay one step ahead of the most progressive trends in the industry. Ultra Shield’s® revolutionary floor protection and enhancement products are recommended for all high traffic retail and commercial environments. Ultra Shield® will strengthen all acrylic floor finishes and produce durability never before imagined. Ultra Shield creates a wet look that creates a non-slip surface. All products have been tested and regulated to be safe for the environment as well as the end-user.

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