Floor Stripper

Ultra Shield's Floor Stripper is a highly active ultra concentrated stripper that quickly penetrates and removes even extreme floor finish build-up. Its excellent wetting and slow drying features save time and labor. Compared to leading floor strippers Ultra Shield's Floor Stripper is 3 to 4 times more active. It contains no caustics, and does not require a neutralizing flood rinse.

  • Ultra concentrated
  • Fastest working liquifier in the industry
  • Advanced wetting agents, remains wet longer to reduce additional labor
  • Requires no flood rinse or neutralization step / saves time by eliminating neutralizing and rinsing
  • Low odor formula for use in virtually any situation - great for use in healthcare facilities
  • Low foaming makes cleanup easy with automatic scrubbers and wet vacs

Innovative quart packaging makes Floor Stripper:

  • Easy to distribute (ORM-D)
  • Easy to dilute
  • Cost effective

Dilute one bottle of Floor Stripper into a bucket of warm water ( approx. 3-4 gallons). Apply solution uniformly on floor with mop and let soak for 4 to 7 minutes. Increase soak time if using cool water. Keep areas to be stripped wet. Scrub thoroughly using a stripping pad or brush to break-up film. Pick-up all of the solution with a clean mop, wet vac, or an automatic scrubber. Thoroughly rinse floor with clean water. Let floor dry completely before applying Ultra Shield's Floor Finish.