Floor Finish

Ultra Shield's Floor Finish is a next generation, optically enhanced floor finish with best ever “off-the-mop” gloss. This ultra-high solids formula provides exceptional film clarity, repels soil and scratches, and extends the time between stropping cycles from 18 to 36 months. A wet-look optically enhanced floor finish, Floor Finish produces outstanding long-term clarity, excellent abrasion resistance and extended durability.

Floor Finish provides excellent results on all types of all vinyl composition tiles, terrazzo, marble, slate, blue stone, quarry tile, ceramic tiles, and sealed wood and concrete. Floor Finish maintains its exceptional appearance even after repeated detergent scrubbings, and resists black heel marks, scuffing, powdering and water damage. Specially formulated to work with Ultra Shield Burnishing Spray.

  • Best "Off-the-mop" Gloss (wet look)
  • Ultra High Solids Formula (fewer coats)
  • Dries quickly, levels brilliantly
  • Scuff, scratch and black heel mark resistant
  • Repels dirt - stays clear and bright longer
  • Excellent burnish response

Initial Application

For best results remove all old wax and polish. Rinse thoroughly after removing residue with clear water. When the floor is completely dry, apply Floor Finish with a nylon mop or wax applicator. Allow to dry completely before a second coat is applied. Buffing is not considered necessary until after the floor has been exposed to regular traffic.


Periodic sweeping, dust mopping, and damp mopping with a neutral cleaner will considerably extend the life of the finish. Spray buff or burnish as necessary. Worn or dirty areas may be spot cleaned and spot coated without redoing the entire floor.