Ultra Shield makes a significant impact on how the floors appear.  It adds a deeper looking gloss while concealing most of the surface scratches.  The gloss also tends to last longer than some of the other floor care products.  The application of the product is not much different than other floor care products.  We are using Ultra Shield to bring up a floor with a dull shine. Overall I like the product and think that it does a good job on the floors.

-Andi Nurcellari, Asst.Director Of EVS, Hallmark Health System

The Ultra Shield product provides excellent restoration capabilities. The floor following burnishing appears to have a harder brighter shine. We have been mopping the product onto the floor and then burnishing after the floor has dried. We use the product in a spray bottle as well during the burnishing process to remove scuff marks. We have found that this combination works best.  I would definitely recommend using Ultra Shield as a primary product for floor care maintenance.

-Jeffrey Bahar, Resident Regional Manager, Trinitas Regional Medical Center

The floor care team here at Amsterdam Nursing Home have made many positive comments about “Ultra Shield”. Their comments have been mostly about no dust flying and the pads do not re-soil so quickly…we must also add that the results have been excellent in resident rooms, the shine is lasting longer between procedures. Overall, great results.

-Fred Rutledge, Director Housekeeping/Laundry, Amsterdam Nursing Home

My techs agree with the “no dust” claims of the product. There is no residual dust, no odor, don’t breathe in dust.

-Michael Maccia, Manager Of Environmental Services, Ocean Medical Center

The roll out has been great so far.  The staff love it, they see a big difference in the outcome of the floor. They were saying how they can see the difference and that there is no more build up on the buffing pad, the more you use it that’s how you are setting a good foundation,  etc.

-Elmir “Mike” Kolenovic, Asst. Director, Environmental Services, North Central Bronx Hospital

We have used the Ultra Shield in three locations of the museum so far and we are impressed with the results that we have seen.  Thank you for introducing us to the product; I am quite sure that the future is bright for Ultra Shield.

-Steven Johnson, Director Crothall Services Group

Ultra Shield is awesome, my guys love it and we truly want to thank you for introducing this product to us.

-Wayne N. Griffith, Director, Jersey City Medical Center

We are using the product and it works well.

-Bill Irwin, Resident Regional Manager, Crothall Healthcare

Thanks, we love it here…

-Erick Perez, Manager of Environmental Services, Lincoln Medical Center

I am happy to speak in regards to Tuff-Shine. This new product was introduced by Jeff Rosenblum from Ultra Shield Products. I confirmed that this product was applicable to the Nora Floors of the MCI building. After applying Tuff-Shine the floors appear enhanced and shiny. We were so pleased with the result that we applied it to all Nora floor surfaces (waiting areas, hallways, corridors and rooms). We ordered a 55 gallon drum of the product for our facility. Additionally, the lifecycle of Tuff-Shine after being applied is also another reason we were pleased with this product. I highly recommend Tuff-Shine for facilities seeking to maintain and truly heighten their floors.

-Miguel Cano, EVS, Miami Cancer Institute

My experience with Tuff-Shine is very new. When I accepted a position here at Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands all of the exam rooms here are the “no wax” floors. The last account I was helping out before I came here one of the managers introduced me to the product, but i never actually got to see the finished product. So naturally I was excited to see what it did when I started at Texas Children’s! I received quite a bit of push back at first from the administration team, but after talking with Jeff to understand the product better I was able to convince them to let me show them one room. We applied 3 coats diluted at a 50/50 ratio and the next day brought everyone down for a side-by-side comparison. Everyone was blown away at the difference it made in the room. The room looked cleaner, more inviting, and even brighter. Everyone had a few questions about cost, maintenance, and re-application. After I was able to answer those questions, I was given the green light to do the rest of the facility. Now we are all moved in and seeing patients, and almost every day I get stopped in the hall or shot a quick email from someone complimenting on just how good the exam rooms look! Thanks Tuff-Shine, customer for life here!!!

I have tried the sample of Tuff-Shine you left us during your visit. I laid the product on our ER laminate floors in which I have had consistent issues maintaining. So much so, that my Floor Tech was spending 8 hours a day 5 days a week scrubbing the ER rooms to maintain them. I have trialed 2 of our worst rooms and so far, I have nothing but praises for the product. The floors keep the dirt out of the grooves and the housekeepers are commenting on the ease of moping over the product as opposed to the bare floors.

-Northside Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL