Guaranteed Results

Jackson Memorial Hospital

“A 40% reduction in burnishing frequency. The elimination of ALL burnishing dust keeps my machines from getting clogged and we no longer need to dust mop after burnishing. “

Jackson Memorial Hospital Case Study

Conemaugh Memorial Hospital

“I believe that if we continue to use Ultra Shield regularly, we could almost eliminate the need to totally strip and wax our floors. Using Ultra Shield in the patient rooms, improves the overall appearance and makes the floors much easier to clean. I believe that this product can truly change our lives.”

Summary: According to the facility Manager, hi tracked areas required burnishing 5-6 days/week in order to maintain gloss. After Ultra Shield was introduced, durability was enhanced, reducing burnishing frequency down to 2-3 days/week with better overall results; Being conservative, this reduction in frequency generated minimum savings of 40% results.

One of the most important areas where we’ve seen both an improvement and savings has been in the 30,000 sf Emergency Department. In over two years, while using Ultra Shield, these floors have not been stripped or even refinished! According to the EVS Director, given the durability that he’s seen, he doesn’t foresee a time in the near future where the floors would require any type of additional interim maintenance.

Conemaugh Memorial Hospital Case Study

Vidant Health

“We have already skipped one of our previously scheduled scrub & recoat cycles as the floors did not require it. Durability has clearly been enhanced.”

Summary: According to the facility Manager, immediately upon use, the facility was able to reduce the burnishing frequency from 3x to 1x per week while enhancing the floor’s appearance. Previously, recoating was done 3-4 times per year. At the time of this summary, already, one of those scrub and recoat cycles were able to be skipped as the floors did not require the previously scheduled maintenance. Durability has clearly been enhanced.

Vidant Health Case Study

St. Vincent’s Medical Center

“Ultra Shield is great. The floors look beautiful and shiny. The Use of Ultra Shield has reduced stripping and refinishing by 50%.“

Summary: Since our implementation of Ultra Shield into our floor care program, the client has seen a measurable improvement in the overall appearance of the hospital’s floors. Additionally, the implementation of Ultra Shield has allowed hallways and patient rooms to be maintained at the highest gloss level with less labor and products than previously required.

St. Vincent’s Medical Center Case Study

North Mississippi Medical Center

“The use of Ultra Shield has more than doubled the life of our floor finish and cut floor finish purchases in half .“

Summary: According to Assistant Director David Duthu, previously, 5 FTE’s were dedicated to floor maintenance. Prior to Ultra Shield, this labor was split between burnishing and “project” work required to keep the floors at an acceptable level. Over the last two years, following the implementation of Ultra Shield, the facility kept the same labor dedicated to floor care; however, the labor was used to increase the frequency of burnishing instead of project work which has allowed them to dramatically improve the look of their floors simply by utilizing existing labor.

North Mississippi Medical Center Case Study

Saint Thomas West Hospital

“Ultra Shield is a great product that makes the floor finish more durable resulting in less wear and tear.”

Summary: “Ultra Shield is a great product that makes the floor finish more durable resulting in less wear and tear.” Both we and the client have seen a noticeable improvement in the overall appearance of the hospital. The elimination of burnishing dust has improved indoor air quality and eliminated the need for extra dusting. Pad purchases have also been reduced. The client has also noticed improved slip resistance.

Saint Thomas West Hospital

Lehigh Valley Health System Cedar Crest

“The use of Ultra Shield has saved thousands of dollars in labor and materials on just the entrance lobby alone.”

Summary: Troy and his team are very pleased with both the performance and cost effectiveness of Ultra Shield. The high-profile entrance lobby, highlighted in this test, is just one area in particular where significant savings have been realized. For just this lobby, each strip-out required 2 FTE’s working 22 days.

Lehigh Valley Health System Cedar Crest Case Study